My name is Mayank Verma and I’m from India.

This is a project started to share pieces of information on all the topics that tickle our stupid brain and the topics which we don’t think much but actually matters a lot in this world. (:

Inquisitive Ape includes links to both internal (IA) and external (non-IA) websites. We select links that are editorially relevant to the content they are linking from and are suitable for the likely audience.

These links are included for a number of reasons, including:

  • For further relevant information or other key source material
  • For background information
  • For useful practical information
  • For entertainment or enjoyment
  • For further informed comment

We do not link to external sites in return for cash, services or any other consideration in kind.

We link to sites purely on editorial merit. These will most often be free to access.

I select links and evaluates websites on the basis of editorial relevance.