Who invented Air-conditioner? How does it work?

Air conditioner- One of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Air conditioners are with us even before the invention of the modern electrical AC. In the ancient times, mats were soaked in water and were kept outside a window to cool the inside as air flew through the window but the problem with this kind of cooling was that it created a lot of moisture, same principle that Air-cooler uses.

In 1758, American statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin, along with John Hadley, a professor at Cambridge University, began experimenting with the refrigerating effects of certain liquids. They found out that compressing a liquid produces heat and similarly expansion of heat loses heat this very principle is what is used in Air-Conditioner.

Later on, in 1902 a young engineer named Willis Carrier was tasked with the chore of creating a system for treating the air at the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn, N.Y. Printing company executives found that excessive humidity at its printing plant wreaked havoc on the color register used for fine, multicolor printing and that is how AC came into production.

But how does an AC work? here it is

An air conditioner has 4 main parts:
1] Condenser– Which condenses the gas.
2] Expansion valve – Regulates refrigerant flows into the evaporator.
3] Evaporator – Receives the liquid refrigerant.
4] Compressor– Which compresses the liquid that is used in cooling- Freon.



The main part of all the cooling system around the globe is the REFRIGERANT.
The step wise works go as follows:

1] The compressor that is generally situated outside our home in case of split AC compresses the liquid FREON (refrigerant)  into high-pressure high-temperature gas.
As this high-temperature gas is passed through the coils a fan is situated near it takes the heat from the compressor tube and lowers the temperature of this gas.
(See the image below)



Image:https://goo.gl/images/eRqGR9%5BThis part is situated outside your home in a big case]

2] As this slightly cooled gas converted to liquid is passed through the coils thereafter it is expanded by the expansion valve, this high pressurized gas is converted into a low-pressure liquid that flows through the evaporator that is situated inside the house, A fan is used to pass air through it that cools the room.



3] This low pressure cooled liquid is again used and sent to the compressor which then again compresses it to high-pressure high-temperature gas that moves through the condenser coils and gets slightly cooled by the air outside and through the pressure valve again to repeat the same process.


Image: https://goo.gl/images/Dg1iqf


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