Do different drinks really give you different drunks?

For all, you’ve believed that wine makes you flirtatious, whiskey makes you go bam-bam, tequila makes you a party animal and, rum takes a run with your emotions but that’s not because of the type of drink.

What causes all such emotion is all because of one’s thinking. The real matter that makes you have all such emotions in an Alcoholic beverage is called Ethanol.
Despite this fact, various beverages do have a few differences: Liquor has a higher concentration of ethanol that wine does, and wine has a higher concentration than beer.
But what all causes such emotions is only and only because of the content.

Drinking the same concentration of wine as that of rum should take you to a ride past your sad memory lane, but that’s something that does not happen.
These are byproducts of the fermentation and/or distillation process, and they can vary a lot among alcoholic beverages. They mostly explain why tequila is a different color than whiskey, but it’s possible that they can also affect the way you feel after drinking. There isn’t enough research either way to know for certain, so the jury on how congeners affect your buzz is still out.

According to an article published in Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research, even when every participant in a study drinks until they have the same blood-alcohol level, they show different levels of impairment. Research suggests that the way they act depends on the way they expect to act: those who expect not to feel drunk actually feel less drunk.

So basically, the situation or the surrounding is what makes you drink a different kind of alcoholic drink. You’d probably drink Champagne when it’s a celebration, wine when you’re on a date and, more likely Rum when you’re sad.

It’s the drink that is infamous not you or your emotions. Any drink can cause any type of emotion it’s just what you take out of it. 🙂


Photo credit: By Guinnog – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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