Why does alcohol feel hot in the mouth?

You know you’ve eaten hot/spicy food when it feels hot in the mouth but, what about alcohol? It’s generally cold or at body temperature then why does it feel so hot?

If you’re guessing that it’s because IT IS ALCOHOL that’s burning in your mouth then you’re absolutely wrong. It’s actually our mouth that is sending false signals to your brain that it is hot. Same thing goes when you apply an antiseptic to your wounds, It is all false signals to the brain.

It is all because of the VR1 receptor in your mouth/throat. High-temperature foods trigger VR1, which then tells our nerves and brain what’s going on, and results in a burning sensation.

While when you eat hot food the VR1 sends the right signal to your brain about the hot food the same does not happen in the case of alcohol.

What ethanol inside the alcohol does is that it lowers the body temperature around the throat it brings it about 34° that is about 3° less than the actual temperature that is 37°.
So, when you feel that burning sensation, it’s because your body itself is now beyond the threshold for those heat receptors, not the alcohol.


[Photo Courtesy : https://goo.gl/images/qs37w9%5D




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