Getting high from a flower?

The angel’s trumpet also known as Brugmansia. It’s a beautiful, bell-shaped flower ready to send you straight to the hospital. Eating the flower can give you scary hallucinations or even induce a dangerous, zombie-like state.

They are grown as ornamental container plants worldwide and have become naturalized in isolated tropical areas around the globe, including within North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.


Eating these plants can give some serious hallucinations and can even cause death under high consumption.

According to The Guardian, “the hallucinogenic wildflower known as Angel’s Trumpet, which is becoming increasingly common in the UK, has been linked to several deaths in America.”

You might be thinking that a little consumption of these plants might not do much harm and might be good for some high but believe The American Journal of Psychiatry when it tells you that the dangers are real: “Ingestion of Angel’s Trumpet flowers or a tea brewed from them results in an alkaloid-induced central nervous system anticholinergic syndrome characterized by symptoms such as fever, delirium, hallucinations, agitation, and persistent memory disturbances. Severe intoxication may cause flaccid paralysis, convulsions, and death.” The danger in this plant is with its compounds known chemically as tropane alkaloids.

So for all, it’s not only the stems and leaves that get you high but even a good looking flower can get you some pretty good trips+even death.


[Photo: BY-SA 3.0,


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