Do deaf people say “Achoo” when they sneeze?

If you’re wondering if deaf people say “Achoo” when they sneeze then I’ve to tell you is that they don’t.

Then what exactly is the term ” Achoo”?

According to partially deaf British journalist Charlie Swinbourne, a deaf person sneezing sounds like “a heavy breath as the deep pre-sneeze breath is taken, then a sharper, faster sound of air being released.”

Sneeze in fact is just a result of language that we learn day to day. And in fact is the response that we have learned from our parents throughout ages.

So does sneeze sound different in different languages? Well yes, In France, a sneeze sounds like “atchoum.” In German, it’s “hatschi,” and in Russian, it’s “apchkhi.” A Turkish sneeze sounds like “hapşu,” and a Vietnamese one sounds like “hắt xì.” And in Hindi, it’s more like “ACHEE”.

[Photo By James Gathany – CDC Public Health Image library ID 11162, Public Domain,



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